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Ready. Set. Sweat.

Welcome to The Sweat Performance experience.

In 2009, we created Sweat as a fitness solution for people from all over Baltimore. I always hated the division between the city and the county. I hated the division between the rich and the poor. I wanted to create a place that could take different people with different backgrounds and different stories and bring them all together. I wanted to create a gym that was a home to anyone hungry to earn a better life.

When you search for a gym, every gym pitch seems to run together. Every gym is premier, elite, the best ever, never seen before. All those words seem to replace an explanation of what the gym actually is. And rarely, if ever, is meaningful content ever used to back any of those bold claims. Even Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews can get saturated with people who have a motive or who lack experience in that particular industry.

We are Baltimore’s BEST GYM


Fitness Training

Our trademark program integrates strength training with high intensity conditioning. Sweat is specifically designed to spike metabolism and increase energy.

Elite Athlete Training

Guarantee that you will have the advantage in competition. This program has produced HUNDREDS OF D-1 athletes and dozens of pros.

Personal Training

Train 1-on-1 to ensure that you are receiving the constant feedback, support and attention to detail that is critical for optimizing results.