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Ready. Set. Sweat.

Welcome to The Sweat Performance experience.

Sweat Performance is Baltimore’s most proven independent sports performance facility. We demand more. Our people achieve more.

There are plenty of places that can get you into better shape. There are plenty of places that can make you run faster, jump higher, or lift more. That only scratches at the surface of what Sweat offers. We designed Sweat to inspire change.

If you are looking for a place to be comfortable, please look elsewhere. Comfort does not change lives. We will push you, pull you, motivate you, piss you off, make your day and everything in between. Our programs, our staff and our culture were all systematically pieced together to create variation. No two workouts are alike. No two staff members are alike. No two hours are alike. If you are an athlete looking to have a competitive advantage, consider this your answer. We have improved more high level athletes from more major sports than any other facility in Maryland. If you are an adult looking to change your body composition, blow up the monotony of your daily routine and rediscover your competitive spirit, then you have found your home.

We are Baltimore’s BEST GYM



Our trademark program integrates strength training with high intensity conditioning. Sweat is specifically designed to spike metabolism and increase energy.

Elite Athlete Training

Guarantee that you will have the advantage in competition. This program has produced HUNDREDS OF D-1 athletes and dozens of pros.

Personal Training

Train 1-on-1 to ensure that you are receiving the constant feedback, support and attention to detail that is critical for optimizing results.