As you were

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August 11, 2017
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January 24, 2018
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As you were

The wild thing about this world is that it will constantly change, but it so badly wants you to stay the exact same.  Of course, people will say that they are happy for your progress/growth/success…..but only so much that you are at the same place doing the same thing at the same time tomorrow.  For most, the perceived promised land is Groundhog Day: The same day repeating continuously until the end of time.  The expectation is that there is a binding unwritten agreement that you will reach success/happiness in accordance with the rest of the world’s comfort level. I don’t know, man. I guess that concept has never really seemed all that attractive to me.

Whatever your vision is: Lock it in.  Write it down.  Make sure it finds it’s way in front of your face every single day–multiple times per day if possible. And then get your ass to work.

Your dreams will always be challenged…by friends, family and foes alike.  But anything that stands between you and that end goal has rendered itself irrelevant.   You have to believe that.  Otherwise your dreams are what become irrelevant.   And damn, that’s a pretty sad thought.

Growth means change.

Change is hated.

Embrace the hate….and rise above



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