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4 Drills to Increase Sprint Speed

Hey Sweat Folk, Coach Meg here with some more tips and tricks for this week. I think we can all agree no one likes getting smoked on their sprint speeds. Whether it’s chasing after Eva on those 100s or trying to keep up with Jayme’s Ain’t-No-Thang pace on the 300s, we all want to be faster. So thought we could break down some drills to help you improve your sprints.

  1. Heavy Sled Drags – we are all too familiar with the dredded sled push but have you ever considered getting in front of the sled? When you do well – eureka! You’ll notice you are in the perfect position for your sprint stance. Strap on the harness and add your squat weight to the drag prowler and pull away. Try this for 15-20 yard intervals at full pace. Think of it as running in quicksand which will help you increase acceleration!
  2. Arm Mechanics – “Use your elbows” and “Drive Your Arms”, we hear these commands being screamed in our sleep. Well it’s not just because all the cool kids are doing it. Proper arm mechanics can be super helpful in increase your running speed. Even before you run or get on that ladder practice pumping your arms. Go for hands at eye level and elbow to shoulder height while standing in your two point stance (aka starting position). Mimic this action 5-10 times before beginning your drill. Be sure to keep elbows at 90 degree!
  3. Wall Drives – We’ve all done this with bands or as a cardio burner in mountain climber fashion. Be really focusing on your knee drive can actually increase your sprint speed. Start in your two point stance (just like you are getting ready to start a sprint) about 3 to 4 feet in front of the wall. Begin your first knee drive and fall into the wall. Think of it as a forward sprint trust fall! This will not only teach you how to get that knee drive in but will also give you the feeling of that first start, the falling into the sprint.
  4. Single Leg Broad Jumps – Starting on two feet drive off of and up with your knee drive, land on one foot, then propel into the next leap and step. Getting further and higher each time will help improve your stride length.

Now get out there and run circles around everyone like the Easter Bunny!

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The Clean & Press vs. Snatch: Part 2

We last chatted about how to approach the grip for the clean and press and how it differs from a snatch grip. This week we’ll talk about how the two lifts differ.

The Steps


For the clean and press the steps will be as follows;

    1. Setup Grip & Stance
    2. Clean Pull
    3. Shrug
    4. Elevate Elbows
    5. Front Squat Rack
    6. Stand Up
    7. Press


The steps involved in the snatch will also look similar in the beginning. The steps will be as follows;

    1. Set Up Grip & Stance
    2. Snatch Pull
    3. Shrug
    4. Elevate Elbows
    5. Rack Overhead
    6. Stand Up

The Finish

The clean will finish in a full extension stand where you press the bar overhead. It will be important that the weight you use does not pull you backwards but you can control the barbell. Just like any other lift you attempt, you must engage shoulder, keep shoulder blades down, and engage the core at the top. The snatch will end in a very similar position but be very different in the way you get there. You will use the momentum from the pull (and the hips) to get underneath the bar, ending in a deep squat with barbell extended overhead. To finish the snatch you can come to a full stand. If you were to see both lifts at the end they would look almost identical, but getting there is a very different story.

The next chapter of the saga continues with the different benefits from each lift! See you then!

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