Corporate wellness has become plagued by mediocre facilitators who have tried to skip steps, automate fragile systems and take before they give. With the influx of new technologies and software, corporate wellness programs have gone all-in on automation, and as a result, personal touch, accountability, and cultural development have all become foreign concepts. Friends, that is a tragedy. With a lack of connection comes a lack of results. And with a lack of results comes a lack of existence.

Sweat Well procures a proper blend of accountability, programming, cultural development, and technology. We protect and enhance personal connection with all of our companies and their employees. Connection is the root of all successful business. We are not here to service 5, 10 or 15% of your staff, so that we can get paid some lofty premium. We are inspired to drive, polish and improve the internal culture that makes your business exceptional. Our cultural development strategies will grow your company involvement over time.


Added/Recharged Energy. Using a fitness program to give your staff a boost before, during or after work.
Wellness. Staying fit will keep your staff at peak performance.
Team Building. Having an outlet to do something different together with co-workers that have positive results will help your staff enjoy being together more.
Relax/Refocus. Encouraging a needed break from a stressful job to focus on one's self.


We will focus on building the same culture that is so loved by our Sweat Performance members within your company. That feeling of being a part of more than just a workout class… having team building events, special contest, monthly class champs, seminars on body mechanics, mobility, outdoor meetups like hikes, walks, runs etc. It will be much more than just a class everyone shows up to just to work out.

On-Site Training:

Business means business. We get that. Through our on-site training program, we will come to your office, so that we can optimize convenience for your team. We are prepared to work in all types of spaces. We have experience coaching in all types of spaces. Show us a telephone booth. We will show you a full body workout. Whether or not you have an on-site training facility, we can create a comprehensive workout plan that will provide your staff with exactly the programming that they need. All we need from you is a little space, a little imagination and the willingness to get better. Let us show you how to convert your full-time employee break room into a part-time fitness mecca.

Our on-site training programs include:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength training
  • High-Intensity Cardio

  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Nutritional Guidance

Off-Site Training

Travel and time are two constant battles that we fight while implementing corporate wellness. While those challenges are real, we opted to fight them head-on. As part of Sweat Well, you and your team will receive access to our online training software that will coach you through the office, in-home and hotel room workouts. Regardless of equipment or space, you will be able to complete full body workouts that have been assembled specifically for your needs.

Perhaps you have had a long travel day and really need a mobility curriculum to combat hours of poor posture and restlessness. Done. Or maybe you had a stressful travel day that has you yearning for some strength training. Done. Our software is two-sided for accountability purposes, so our coaches will be able to track exactly what you completed, how you completed it and what your progressions have been to date. And if you are not completing what you are supposed to, well, we will find you and pester you and contact you until you reluctantly concede.

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