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Featured Atheletes


“Sweat Performance has really helped transform my game; I am faster on my feet, I have a quicker reaction time, and I try to push myself to achieve excellence and to be fearless. My endurance and overall fitness level has improved so much since I’ve been here. Sweat has shown me what it means to be dedicated to something and the sacrifices you have to make to be great; I know I have a long way to go and Sweat Performance will help me get there.”

“Working out at Sweat has completely changed my life. Before this I was just out on the field, but shortly after starting to train at Sweat I became a main contributor and influence on the field. Almost immediately people watching or playing with me saw my growth. All the little things taught to me and that I was improving on at Sweat were helping me to stand out. I could feel my level of play increase dramatically after only two weeks. Sweat has helped every aspect of my game, starting with my strength, speed and conditioning and topping it off with the mental aspect. Thanks to Sweat I am able to play confidently and powerfully. Not only has Sweat helped my lacrosse game, my body has completely changed which has also improved every aspect of my life both mentally and physically. Thanks to Sweat Performance I was ready to play top 20 Division 1 Women’s Lacrosse. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

“Training at Sweat Performance is a game changer. By working with the best trainers in the business here at Sweat Performance, there are no limits on the growth you can have as an athlete. This past year alone the SP team helped me gain 40 plus pounds of clean muscle, as well as increasing my agility, explosiveness, and overall speed in the process. I now have the confidence in my game knowing whenever I step onto the field I will be more prepared than any opponent. Training at Sweat Performance guarantees you the ability to be one of the best athletes on the field, you just have to want it.”