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The Clean & Press vs. Snatch: Part 2

We last chatted about how to approach the grip for the clean and press and how it differs from a snatch grip. This week we’ll talk about how the two lifts differ.

The Steps


For the clean and press the steps will be as follows;

    1. Setup Grip & Stance
    2. Clean Pull
    3. Shrug
    4. Elevate Elbows
    5. Front Squat Rack
    6. Stand Up
    7. Press


The steps involved in the snatch will also look similar in the beginning. The steps will be as follows;

    1. Set Up Grip & Stance
    2. Snatch Pull
    3. Shrug
    4. Elevate Elbows
    5. Rack Overhead
    6. Stand Up

The Finish

The clean will finish in a full extension stand where you press the bar overhead. It will be important that the weight you use does not pull you backwards but you can control the barbell. Just like any other lift you attempt, you must engage shoulder, keep shoulder blades down, and engage the core at the top. The snatch will end in a very similar position but be very different in the way you get there. You will use the momentum from the pull (and the hips) to get underneath the bar, ending in a deep squat with barbell extended overhead. To finish the snatch you can come to a full stand. If you were to see both lifts at the end they would look almost identical, but getting there is a very different story.

The next chapter of the saga continues with the different benefits from each lift! See you then!

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Food is Fuel

Hey guys it’s me, Shay!  As I sat down to write this week’s blog, it dawned on me.  No, not the topic of discussion.  The fact that I was super hungry.  But don’t worry, I prepare 12 meals a week for lunches and dinners, Monday- Saturday.  So I’m just going to pop my cod lunch in the microwave and I’ll be eating in T-2 minutes!  It’s amazing what putting aside a few hours one day a week to cook food can do.  It wasn’t too long ago that I would have just sat here starving for a few minutes until I decided to actually cook a meal.  I would grab whatever meat was in the fridge (usually chicken) and I would attempt to quickly season it.  But when I grabbed the chicken I also grabbed a bag of grapes and would slowly but surely finish off the bag while I cooked my chicken.  Then as I look for rice to put on the side, I find some honey roasted cashews in the pantry and munch on those too because, duh PROTEIN!  I continue cooking my chicken, boil water for the rice, and after the longest 30 minutes of my life, my nutritious lunch was ready!  But unfortunately for me and my belly, I wasn’t starving like I thought I was anymore.  You can bet your bottom dollar I still devoured my meal because I was proud that I cooked it, and I wanted to post a picture on Facebook of my #healthy chicken and rice.  Once I could hardly breathe, I told myself it’s okay, it’s just some fruit and extra protein, I’ll do sprints tomorrow at the gym.  The next day I do extra cardio and abs and I feel great!  Until I realize how incredibly hungry I am, even though I just ate a banana before I got to the gym!  I thought since I ate so much yesterday that if I start over, eat a little less and run a little more I’ll feel better!  That was never the case.  This was me almost everyday.  

Until one day I decided to start planning my meals ahead of time just so I wasn’t starving by the time I could actually eat.  After doing that for awhile, I finally gave into social medias newest, most amazing thing ever, “meal prepping”.  I would cook dinners and lunches for a couple of days at a time so I was certain everything stayed fresh.  I was always prepared, and I stopped snacking mindlessly on “healthy snacks”.  This ”meal prepping” thing became addicting, and it quickly became a weekly routine for me.  I found myself staying fuller longer, completely finishing workouts without hearing my stomach growl or getting lightheaded,  I was eating out less and saving money!  

If you’re always busy, which I know most of you are, put some time aside for you.  No one has to be Gordon Ramsey.  I’m just saying take a few hours a week to prepare some nutritious meals. Your belly will thank you later.  You can’t out train a poor diet!  Don’t eat less, just eat smart!

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Let’s Talk About Posture

Hi y’all!  It’s me, Shay here to give you a few tips on how to continue bettering yourself outside of the walls here at Sweat Performance.

Now, unfortunately we can’t all be so lucky to have Courtney yelling in our ears “Don’t be soft!” throughout the day, but you can simply remind yourself by setting alarms right on your mobile device that you all so conveniently have glued to your hands all day.  It is very common to hear myself, Meg, or any of the studs yelling “SHOULDERS BACK” or “CHEST BIG” throughout the duration of boot camps or training sessions.  But how can we make sure to practice this without Danny standing over us, crossing his arms and shaking his head?  By setting alarms on our phones every couple of hours throughout the work day titled “Brendan is always watching you”.  Once the alarms sound, take a couple of minutes to sit all the way back into your seat.  Take deep breaths in and out while pressing your shoulder blades back, keeping your spine against the back of your chair and your chest high and pretty.  If we all continue to do this, we will have better posture than our very own figure skater Meg!  Creating good habits now will set you up for long term success.  Let’s all remember, Rome was not built in a day.  With that in mind, sit tall and proud and remember this lesson next time you slam battle ropes!

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Clean & Press vs. Snatch: Part 1

Some of you reading this will be well acquainted with Olympic lifting and some of you may think you have to be in the Olympics to do Olympic lifting. Well have no fear this article is for all levels of fitness.

Whether you are trying to get better at picking up dumbbells between workouts or perfecting your Turkish get-up, lifting neophytes and cross-fit nuts alike should always be working on form. But always remember, before form comes knowledge…pretty sure that was Confucius. So to take the advice of our fitness-obsessed Chinese forebear we are going to take a deep dive into the difference between the clean and press versus the snatch. There is a plethora of information out there regarding proper form for both Olympic lifts separately but few sources do a side-by-side comparison. Luckily you have such amazing personal trainers at Sweat Performance that will take the time to give you the low-down on both these popular Olympic lifts.

The Grip

The grip for the clean and the snatch are going to vary dramatically. We’ll give you the quick and dirty on how to even begin approaching this lift.

Clean & Press

Instead of always wondering if your grip is correct or the same as your last rep, here is a tip for hand placement on the clean and press. Move as close to the bar as possible so the ankles are touching the barbell. You will create an L-shape with both hands. With the bar in front of you, place the thumbs of the L on the outside of your ankles. With thumbs still on your ankles, reach down to the bar with your pointer fingers. From there you can wrap both hands around the bar. You now have the perfect grip position for your clean and press, plus it will be identical in every rep!


There is no cool tip or trick around the grip for the snatch. When beginning a snatch you will want to place your hands all the way to the end of the barbell shaft (before the collar/sleeve where the weights go on). Of course this will be dependent on height and wingspan. For all your five-foot-clubbers, don’t stress if you can’t get your hands all the way to the end of the shaft. As far out as you can go will suffice. There ya go, it’s as easy as Sunday morning!

Voila, you can now move towards that chrome laden stick of pain with confidence! Happy lifting fellow Sweaters!

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Making a difference>Making a mess

Don’t allow adversity to rattle your core

This month our back was against the wall. A large part of Sweat’s operating space was limited due to construction and we had to react accordingly. A handful of our clients began to voice displeasure over the aesthetics of our space. A couple of clients even canceled memberships because they couldn’t deal with life-altering adversity of an extra scarf in our lobby. I get it.  Life’s greatest battles come in all shapes and forms.  We adjusted by moving what we could to storage. We took all necessary steps to protect our functionality as a company. The rest would involve weathering the storm….and not letting a little adversity change our core.

It’s easy to make a difference when it’s convenient and comfortable. It’s easy to give a dollar when you have many. It’s hard to give a dollar when it’s your last. It’s much more challenging to make a difference when you are facing your own day-to-day challenges.

“Thank you” to everyone at Sweat who decided to participate in this month’s coat drive. This picture is from the first load of coats that Ali was able to drop off a Paul’s Place.  I am proud of our clients and our staff for standing strong and making a difference no matter what. Back when I played basketball, I always valued my teammates based on how we responded to adversity. When we were cold, playing out of control or losing, I always looked for the guys who were willing to lock in with me, persevere and find any way to win. I wanted to rock with the guys who would never forget who we were…especially when the chips were down. I would also look for the guys on my team who would buckle under adversity by pointing fingers, complaining, blaming the refs or straight up quitting.

These past few months have taught me a lot about myself  I’ve learned a lot about you, too.  Respect and love to the people who decided to lock in and stay true when things weren’t smooth.

I can rock with that.

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