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Athlete Training Programs


  • World-class instruction
  • Speed, Agility and footwork curriculum that was created in-house by former collegiate and professional athletes.
  • Progressive training programs that address the sport specific developments needed to gain situational advantages
  • On-site physical therapy services provided by True Sports Physical Therapy


  • Iron Grip Dumbells ranging from 10’s to 120’s
  • Powerblocks ranging from 10’s to 175’s
  • Sorinex power racks
  • 3000 sq/ft. of turf for speed, agility and situational footwork
  • 1,800 sq/ft. rubberized strength training area

Check out our Sport-Specific Athlete Programs


Sweat’s Sports Performance programs have been crafted, tested, proven and constantly re-developed by our coaches who have competed at the collegiate and professional levels. Since Sweat opened in 2009, we have made it our mission to offer a training sanctuary to Baltimore’s most talented youth. Over time, we expanded beyond youth athlete development and established ourselves as Baltimore’s leaders in collegiate and professional athlete development. We did not take shortcuts to our success. We do not encourage our clients to take short cuts either. We believe in creating sustainable success for anyone who can meet the daily rigors of our demanding curriculum.

While we boast an undeniable track record, we have not gotten comfortable.  Day after day, we commit to doing whatever it takes to provide you the greatest possible edge over your competition.

Our Athlete Program has developed:

  • Over 100 NFL athletes–including Super Bowl Champions and 1st Team All-Pro Recipients.
  • Over 50 professional basketball players from around the world
  • Hundreds of D-1 athletes–including National Player of the Year recipients, All-Americans and U.S.A National Team Gold Medalists
  • Countless high school athletes–including Maryland Player of the Year, All-American, All-Metro and All-State recipients


  • MONDAY: 4:15PM; 6:30PM
  • TUESDAY: 4:15PM; 6:30PM
  • WEDNESDAY: 4:15PM; 6:30PM
  • THURSDAY: 4:15PM; 6:30PM