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Sweat is our trademark high intensity program designed for those clients looking to burn fat, build lean tissue and improve overall conditioning.  Through a scientifically proven program design, Sweat will boost your metabolism, spike energy levels and accelerate aesthetic and chemical changes within your body.  Our Sweat clients come from all over Maryland.  Our influence reaches far outside of our physical location.  We attribute that to the resonating positive impact that we continue to have on so many lives.

Sweat is designed to train you like an athlete.  We will get you stronger.  We will get you looking better than ever. We will also make sure that you improve your conditioning, agility, mobility and flexibility.  For the weekend warriors, our workouts will carry over into your men’s and women’s sports leagues.  We have helped some of the best athletes in the world.  We can help you, too.  For the parents, you will feel the difference from our workouts when you play with your kids.

No longer will you have to tell far-fetched stories of your glory days. Sweat will allow you to reconnect with your prime, so that your kids don’t have to watch mommy and daddy leaf through another dust covered high school yearbook.  For the business men and women, our Sweat workouts will make people respect you.  Nothing screams business like being able to throw a desk across a room.  We’ve got you covered.


Just about every single person on this planet suffers from some degree of muscular deficiency, immobility or compensatory tendencies. Does your low back routinely lock up during a long work day? Do you feel your body quit when you play with your kids? Through a safe and challenging curriculum, Motion will identify and address these issues effectively helping you to become more fluid, mobile and healthy.

This program is for any and all levels. 9-to-5’ers, professional athletes, heavy lifters, yogi’s have all experienced the benefits from this program. You can, too. An optimally performing body will improve everything you do on a day-to-day basis: whether that include playing sports with your kids, lifting weights, running, moving heavy objects off shelves and even juking a 6’3″ 245lbs linebacker out of his jockstrap.

Motion will rejuvenate your body. Those painful motions will become natural again. Those difficult motions will regain their fluidity. Professional athletes have credited this program with shortening recovery times and improved performance. Our general population clients have credited this program with eliminating low back pain during work, travel and extended bouts of playing with their children.

Your body should be mobile and pain-free. We can help.


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