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Ray Rice, Jalen Richard and an old grumpy white guy: Part 4

Ray eventually got me to budge on the Jalen situation, but it would be on my terms.  Ray told Jalen that we were a go, so Jalen texted me to schedule training.  He was excited to come down to San Diego and get to work.  I still wasn’t taking Jalen seriously.  I told him that if he wanted to train with me, he would have to take his ass all the way to Baltimore.  That place will break people.  If you’ve lived your whole life in somewhere respectable, you can not survive living in Baltimore. There is a 0% chance.  It’s not even a discussion.  So if this persistent mother fucker wanted to train with me, I was taking his ass to the northeast.  The way I saw it, he would quit in two days and we’d never have to train together again.  My real hope was that he wouldn’t book the trip at all.  Unfortunately, Jalen sent me his flights to Baltimore within hours of our conversation.

When Jalen landed in Baltimore, he called me and said that he was on his way to the gym.  It was 8pm and my pessimism was only growing.  Until a pro athlete actually shows up at your gym in front of your face, none of that chatter means shit.  They are the least accountable people on the planet.  I still assumed it was a 50/50 chance he showed.  Thirty minutes later, a red Camaro pulled up in the parking lot of Sweat.  I watched the car door swing open.

“OK”, I thought.  It’s time to see what this prick is all about.

Seconds later, a short stocky black dude in a yellow long sleeve tee and black shorts walked through Sweat’s front door.  “Kyle?”, he asked.  “Yea, man”, I responded.  Jalen extended his hand and said, “Jalen Richard. Thanks for setting this up. Sorry for being late.”  In a moments time, Jalen showed that he was both grateful and accountable.  Now he had caught my attention.   I turned, started walking towards the turf and said, “Alright.  Let’s get to work.” Surprised, Jalen responded, “Oh….we working out?”

“Yea, man”, I said. “We’re not here to compare fucking horoscopes.”

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