Recovery. Recovery. Recovery.

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August 8, 2017
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Recovery. Recovery. Recovery.

Recovery is essential to any fitness program. My clients have heard me say it over and over and over again, maybe they’re even tired of hearing it, but I don’t really care cause I’m the smartest person in the world and you should listen. Just kidding… Kinda.


When people hear the word recovery most think its taking a day off from working out or maybe take a yoga class,


(both great things), but that is not all that recovery means or entails. If you are hitting the gym hard and busting your ass to see results you need to be going equally as hard recovering. This means drinking enough water (at least 3L everyday), sleeping at least 7 hours a night, proper warm up and cool down, stretching, foam rolling, eating whole, natural, organic food,  and most importantly listening to your body.

Pain is not something that people should be living with, pain is an indication that there is something that is not functioning properly in the body. I can’t begin to count how many times I have met with a new client and they tell me about their chronic knee, back, shoulder, hip, foot, etc… pain and my first question is always “how do you let your body recover?” They usually look at me with a face that clearly shows me that they don’t do anything. Most people work through that pain and believe that they will feel that discomfort forever, but the results are worth it, right?…wrong. Very wrong. Results at the expense of your body’s functionality and comfort aren’t results that are sustainable. There will come a time that, that discomfort will keep you from being able to workout and even keep you from sitting down, standing up, and simply walking around without pain. Unless you have dealt with an actual injury (even then there are things to be done to eliminate pain) there is no reason for your chronic pain and discomfort other than you have been moving improperly and not taking care of your body.

We only have one life to live- as cliche as that sounds- it’s true. The reason people workout and live a health lifestyle is to live a longer, happier, and pain free life. You don’t workout to feel pain, immobile, or beat down. We all want to enjoy this beautiful world we live in, with the people we love, for as long as possible. So start taking the time to recover, listen to your body, eat well, drink water, and dominate everything you set your mind to.

Peace and love my beautiful friends!

Until next time,


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