Sweat’s Sports Training programs have been crafted, tested, proven and constantly re-developed by our coaches who have competed at the collegiate and professional levels. Since Sweat opened in 2009, we have made it our mission to offer a training sanctuary to Baltimore’s most talented youth.

Over time, we expanded beyond youth athlete development and established ourselves as Baltimore’s leaders in collegiate and professional athlete development.

We did not take shortcuts to our success. We do not encourage our clients to take shortcuts either. We believe in creating sustainable success for anyone who can meet the daily rigors of our demanding curriculum.



Football training is flooded with self-proclaimed footwork guru’s, Instagram trainers and sales experts. Unfortunately, many of these dudes lack any true knowledge on how to develop a hungry athlete. It is confusing where to go, who to trust and how to spend your time. And it’s frustrating to think that you could be wasting your money by investing in people and places that simply cannot help.

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For decades, Maryland has been widely regarded as the hotbed for US Lacrosse. Year after year, college coaches comb through Baltimore searching for our next wave of talent. However, as the sport has spread nationwide, so have the opportunities. Maryland is not just competing with the northeast anymore. The mid-west and the west coast are now making a strong push backed by an influx of promising young talent and seasoned coaches. Competition in the lacrosse world is at an all-time high.

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Baltimore. We are respected as one of the most elite basketball cities in the entire world. We know it. Everyone knows it. Unfortunately, there are very few resources available to develop our homegrown talent. Instead, our city is plagued with grown men who try to ride the coattails of our most promising youth. Sweat’s Basketball Training program has been built to coach, develop and mentor our cities most elite basketball players.

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The problem facing soccer lies with the development of the player’s bodies. Through academies, clubs and highly-competitive high schools programs, the average soccer player is experiencing unprecedented progressions within their skillsets. As teams and leagues have grown more competitive, parents, coaches, and kids have been forced to invest more time.

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