As teams and leagues have grown more competitive, parents, coaches, and kids have been forced to invest massive amounts of time. Through academies and clubs, the average soccer player is experiencing unprecedented progressions within their skillsets. Unfortunately, soccer athletes around the globe have had difficulty balancing skill set development with physical development. While skills are at an all-time high, devastating injuries continue to plague the sport.

To be an elite athlete in any sport, you need to show durability game after game, season after season. There is no value in being an elite player for 3, 5, or 10 games before you suffer a season-ending injury. Through proper training, you can prepare your body for the season-long demands and situation challenges that your body will encounter. Due to the extensive injury history that haunts soccer, we make injury prevention a staple in our program at Sweat. We place joint and ligament health at the forefront of our soccer program. Before we develop speed, we develop strength. Before we develop strength, we develop stability. We build a strong foundation that our players can rely on when fatigue creeps in.

Through our demanding soccer training curriculum, we prepare our kids for the physical and mental battles of the world’s most competitive team sport. From Day 1, we set the foundation by teaching critical fundamentals. Then we press, press, press until our athletes have the speed, strength, agility, stability, and durability to compete at their highest level for an entire season. For the last decade, we have developed All-Metro, All-State and Division I soccer talent.

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